Can You Buy Gingerbread Houses with EBT at Walmart? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Gingerbread houses have become an iconic symbol of the holiday season, with many families partaking in the tradition of building and decorating these sweet structures. As the holiday season approaches, you may find yourself wondering if you can use your Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card to purchase a gingerbread house at Walmart, one of the most popular and affordable retailers in the United States. So, this blog post aims to answer a popular question, “can you buy gingerbread houses with EBT at Walmart?”

The short answer to this question is yes, you can buy gingerbread houses with the usage of EBT cards at Walmart. In this article, we will discuss the EBT program, the history and availability of gingerbread houses, and Walmart’s role as an accessible retailer. By understanding the rules and limitations of EBT, you can make informed decisions and enjoy the holiday season without breaking the bank.

What is EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer)? 

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) is a digital system used by the government to distribute food assistance benefits to eligible individuals and families in need. The program aims to provide financial support for the purchase of nutritious food items, helping to combat hunger and improve the overall well-being of beneficiaries. EBT cards function similarly to debit cards and are loaded with a predetermined amount of money each month, based on the recipient’s needs and household size.

There are two primary food assistance programs that utilize EBT: the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program. SNAP primarily serves low-income families, while WIC specifically targets pregnant women, new mothers, and young children with nutritional needs.

EBT cards can be used at participating retailers, such as grocery stores and supermarkets, to purchase a wide range of eligible food items. However, EBT cannot be used for hot, prepared foods, alcohol, tobacco, or non-food items, as these are considered non-essential. By offering a secure and efficient method of distributing food assistance, EBT helps millions of people across the United States maintain access to healthy and affordable food options.

Gingerbread Houses: A Festive Treat 

Gingerbread Houses bought from Walmart

Gingerbread houses have been a festive treat and beloved holiday tradition for centuries, originating in Germany during the 16th century. They gained popularity after the Brothers Grimm published the famous fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel,” in which a house made of candy and gingerbread played a prominent role. Today, families around the world build and decorate gingerbread houses to celebrate the holiday season. 

These delightful creations come in various shapes and sizes, from simple cottages to intricate mansions, often adorned with colorful candies, icing, and other edible decorations. Building gingerbread houses not only offers a fun and creative activity but also fosters togetherness and cherished memories among family and friends.

How to Use EBT to Purchase Gingerbread Houses at Walmart 

Walmart accepts the use of EBT cards to purchase gingerbread houses. Walmart sells gingerbread house kits at an affordable price and you will find some miniature kits with 3 or 4 little houses in one kit. You will be fine with purchasing if you follow some steps. Let’s check those steps out: 

  1. Check EBT Eligibility: Review the official guidelines of the EBT program in your area to confirm if non-essential items like gingerbread houses are eligible for purchase.
  2. Verify Walmart’s EBT Policy: Contact your local Walmart store or check their website to understand their specific policies regarding EBT purchases. Some Walmart locations may have different policies or exceptions.
  3. Inquire about Gingerbread House Availability: If gingerbread houses are allowed to be purchased with EBT at your local Walmart, contact the store to inquire about their stock and availability during the holiday season.
  4. Visit Walmart Store: Head to your local Walmart store and locate the section where gingerbread houses are typically sold, such as the seasonal or baking aisle.
  5. Identify Eligible Gingerbread House Options: Look for gingerbread house kits or products that meet the criteria for EBT eligibility, if they exist. This could include kits with basic ingredients or necessary components that qualify as eligible food items.
  6. Pay with EBT Card: When you have selected an eligible gingerbread house option, proceed to the checkout counter. Inform the cashier about using your EBT card for payment and follow the instructions provided.

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What can be purchased with EBT? 

EBT can be used to purchase a variety of eligible food items, including fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meats, poultry, fish, grains, bread, cereal, snacks, and certain non-alcoholic beverages. Additionally, seeds and plants for growing food at home may also be eligible. However, EBT cannot be used to buy non-food items, hot foods, ready-to-eat meals, or alcohol.

Are there alternative ways to make gingerbread houses if you cannot buy them with EBT at Walmart?

Yes, you can create your own gingerbread house using EBT-eligible ingredients. DIY gingerbread house recipes can be found online, and you can purchase necessary ingredients such as flour, sugar, and spices using your EBT card.

Can I use my EBT card at other stores to purchase gingerbread houses?

The eligibility of gingerbread houses for EBT purchases remains the same across all retailers. Since gingerbread houses are considered non-essential food items, they are typically not eligible for EBT purchases, regardless of the store.

Before You Go

Understanding whether you can buy gingerbread houses with EBT at Walmart is crucial for those relying on government assistance for their food needs. While EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) is a valuable resource for individuals and families in need, the eligibility of purchasing gingerbread houses with EBT at Walmart may be a subject of debate. As we have discussed, EBT primarily covers essential food items and excludes non-essential or luxury items.

It’s important to note that EBT policies can vary across regions and retailers, including Walmart. Walmart locations allow the purchase of gingerbread houses with EBT, but it is advisable to check with your local Walmart store or consult the official guidelines of the EBT program in your area for precise information on eligible items.

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